Friday, September 4, 2009

I am Positive You Are Negative

I had a toy clown growing up that was plastic and filled with air. It had sand in the bottom so that when you punched it, the clown popped back up to standing. I have often compared myself to that clown and many agree. No matter what is going on, I don't stay down for long. Usually, I am hopelessly optimistic.

But, when I took my latest horse back riding lesson I fell into the negative mode. The instructor had me trot the horse around the arena for several laps. She wanted me to focus on keeping the horse going. According to her, I did an excellent job. But, according to me there were so many things I wasn't doing right - my heels weren't down in the stirrups, I leaned forward sometimes, ... When I stopped I immediately started listing all of the things I could have done better and she asked me to stop. Sure, there were things I could improve on but I had done exactly as I was instructed and I really had things under control. So, why was I focusing on all the things I did wrong?

It is natural for us.

For this week, try to see all of the things that are going right and what you are doing right. Yes, we could improve on some things and we will keep those in mind. But try to be more focused on what is going right.

I always encourage my yoga students to do that. I need to remember to do it more for myself.

Let me know how you have focused more on the positive than the negative this week.