Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Get Outside the Studio Thinking

At a recent yoga gathering I mentioned my search for the perfect location for a yoga studio. I had investigated several locations. Some were too big (though I imagine someday I will need that much space!), some were too small without enough parking spaces for the members, but none were "just right" yet. A particularly positive yogi suggested expanding my search to include houses or other interesting buildings that could be fixed up and used as a studio. I immediately pictured "Yoga Barn" in the middle of a field with a man made lake (fake lake - as I call them) in the woods and this beautiful yoga barn!

I have yoga in the park, and yoga on the lake, and yoga at the beach - why not in the barn?!

As a student we are conditioned to stay on the mat. We hardly venture off the mat and try our poses on the floor or turn our mat to a different orientation besides facing the front. When I teach I walk about the room, dropping to a pose near whichever student I was helping last, sometimes on the floor, sometimes taking my mat with me as I move about the room! I am often off the mat hanging out on the grass striking a pose when I teach at the park.

We need to be open to different possibilities and I am grateful for the yogi who opened my eyes to a different place for a studio. I will try to keep my mind and my eyes open all the time!