Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Better to See You My Dear!

I was leaving the gym with a few members from my yoga class this morning and noticed as we passed the front desk that there was a new employee greeting members. I already had my sunglasses on, as it was bright outside and I wouldn't be able to put them on while walking with all of the yoga toys in my arms. I tipped my sunglasses up so I could see the woman, set down some of my yoga bags and reached out my hand to greet her. I gave my name and told her the classes I taught, then she shared her name with a great big smile and we headed out the door.

"I like that", said one of the women from class walking with me. "Liked what?" I asked. She replied that she liked how I tilted my sunglasses so the woman could see my eyes. I hadn't even realized I had done it. It just seemed natural so that I could see her eyes and she could see mine when I greeted her. I felt good I had unconsciously done something nice and someone noticed.

But it did even more for me. I will now pay even more attention every time I meet someone - to make sure I am connecting with their eyes and their heart. I will not walk by the front desk if there is a new person there I haven't met without introducing myself - though I usually already do. I will not miss out on the opportunity to get the valet's name or check the server's name tag even though I already usually do.

I am grateful that this woman shared what she noticed about me - so that I could be even more conscious going forward.

It also had me reflecting on the yoga class I just taught. I frequently walk about the room adjusting people so that they can enjoy a pose more. I also try to acknowledge people when they are doing things right. But the woman noticing my sunglass flip has me wanting more. I want to do more acknowledging the good in people so that they are inspired - as I was today - to do more.

You never know how a simple little comment will positively affect someone - much more than you ever imagined.

I encourage you to increase your awareness of people and surroundings - and share your positive thoughts. The energy lift on that person and subsequently the world will be very impactful!