Sunday, June 27, 2010

Trash and Treasure

I was outside washing the car and heard a pick-up truck rounding the corner. I looked up to see a red truck making its way around the cul-de-sac with its bed overflowing with "stuff". I smiled because it was probably the usual (night before trash pick-up) recycling bandits. I think they are absolutely great. They drive through the neighborhood checking out people's trash to see if they can find any treasures. We helped one of them load our old washing machine onto his truck many moons ago. He knew a place that paid for scrap metal and that is where he took many of his trash treasures. Other items left on the curb are garage sale leftovers and would become very useful to that special someone willing to take the time to sand and repaint or repair a broken part. It's not for everybody but I am glad for those who do enjoy it.

The same can be said for yoga. There are some out there who will "trash" my treasure.
"Oh, that is too hard"
"I can't do that, I am not flexible enough"
"I don't get into all that chanting and incense stuff" (which we don't do in my classes - gym yoga is different than studio yoga)
If they only knew. If they just took a little time to investigate what it really is about, they would find a yoga that was perfect for them. There are so many types out there, I am sure there is one that will work for every body (I split that word on purpose!).

Like the recycling bandits, look around and check things out. You are sure to find a yoga instructor and class that is a treasure for you.