Monday, December 10, 2012

More Is Less - Less Is More

It doesn't seem logical that doing more could actually mean doing less and that doing less could be more.  But, when it comes to yoga - more is less and less is more.  

With the holidays upon us, the stress level for most people rises as the end of the year approaches.  There are more things on their to do list, more parties to go to, and more people wanting their time.  They find, with this hectic pace, that they have less to give.  And the joy of the season can be lost in a pile of things to do.  The thought of adding something else seems impossible.

What is the one thing you can add that actually takes away some of your stress and gives you more time to do all the things you need to do?  A yoga class is the answer. 

When you take time for yourself, you are able to give more to others. When you sit and breathe for a few minutes with nothing else to focus on but bringing air into your body and pushing it out, everything else seems to melt away.  Your mind clears and is able to sort through all of the things that want your attention, picking out those that need to be done and tossing the others away.  You've added more (a class) but end up with less to worry about.  And  your body will feel great too. 

Grab that joy buried deep beneath that pile - yoganna love it.