Sunday, July 24, 2011

If You Do It I'll Do It

I occasionally plan adventures for my yoga class. We gather at a local park in the fall and spring when the weather is crisp to do yoga at sunset by the man made lake. We've been to the beach in the heat of the summer when the sand sticks to you everywhere and you have to run into the water between poses to cool off -- and in the fall when you reach your hand down to balance yourself in a pose and feel the cool sand instead.

I was teaching a class in the club and a scaffold ladder was in the back corner. The maintenance people used it to reach the lights of the two story high ceiling to change them out. Seeing the structure reminded me of a trip to Jamaica a few years back where the entertainment at the resort one night was a circus performance. They set up a trapeze and net near the outdoor dining area and invited guests to fly the trapeze during the day. I tried it out. I was a great advertisement for the activity. Everyone would ask where all the screaming was coming from (it was squeals of excitement - not fear - ok, maybe a little fear). I told my yoga students that I was going to find a place for us to trapeze so that they could enjoy the same thrills I had on the beach that day.

I was able to find a trapeze school school not too far away - in Austin - and started to organize a trip. Leaving class one night, I came across a few students talking out in the gym parking lot. I asked if they were going to go on the trapeze trip. They turned and looked at each other, said they were just talking about it and at the same time said, "If she does it, I'll do it!".

Scary events are easier when someone is there to do it with you. Some students are afraid of a pose but I am able to get them to try it - or at least some version of it - by encouraging them, breaking it down into easier steps, doing it with them or holding them up.

If you do it, I'll do it.
I did it. Your turn.