Monday, June 21, 2010

The Line Kept Getting Longer and Longer

I was looking for a checkout line and peered hopefully down the long line of unlit register lights to see only three or four scattered lights. I made my way to the closest one and was delighted to find that my favorite cashier was on duty. There is something about this checker. He is the best customer service person I have ever come across in my entire life (wow - that is something to say!). He is cheerful, friendly, easy going, helpful and can calm down the most unpleasant customer with a few words. I quickly made my way into his line. I watched him take care of the customer in front of me and was additionally impressed as she asked for a bag of ice to be added to her order. The checker walked over to the ice cooler a few yards away, grabbed a bag of ice from the freezer and brought it back to the lady's shopping cart. What service! Even though I have an automatic ice maker at home that I was sure was working properly and didn't have any plans that involve filling a cooler with additional ice, I found myself wanting some ice too. When it was my turn, I requested a bag of ice and he purposefully walked over to the cooler and brought me back a bag. I praised his exceptional customer service and mentioned how I had used him as an example in a presentation I made at a conference last month. The topic was on positivity and this cashier's glass is definitely more than half full. There was a line forming behind me in the lane (as stores never seem to have enough registers open when they need them) that was certainly not a reflection of the speed with which he served customers. I looked back along the faces of the people in line and they were all smiling, something you don't usually see. What an amazing effect our attitude has.

When I finish teaching my yoga class and say that final Namaste, I can't help but smile. My yoga students give me positive energy and I hope that I give them some as well. I want them to seek me out and keep coming back to my class, just like I keep looking for that happy cashier at the store.