Monday, December 3, 2012

I Teach You - You Teach Me

One of my dear friends teaches yoga in a part of Houston called Midtown.  His first yoga class was mine many years ago.  He is a wonderful teacher and has even created his own style of yoga.  He has a class on Sunday evenings at 5:00.  My husband and I attended his class this evening and joined our son for dinner after at a nearby favorite Greek restaurant.  We arrived for class early but the room was already filled to the walls with yoga mats.  We carefully stepped between closely spaced mats and managed to wiggle our way into enough space on the floor.  Others continued to stream into the room after us, and the wiggling and readjusting continued until we were all settled.  Our instructor started the class with his enthusiastic energy and carefully planned moves and we followed along obediently.  It was a wonderful relaxing experience to be on the other side of the mat, letting someone teach me instead of me teaching the class.  I think my husband may have seen the class a little differently - a little less relaxing - but he enjoyed our instructor and the rest of the evening visiting with our son.

I also teach business classes and love to incorporate games and activities in my training sessions to enhance the learning experience for my attendees.  While searching for new activities on the Internet a few months ago I came across an organization that does exactly that - the North American Simulation and Gaming Association - NASAGA.  I discovered they were having a conference last month, sent in a proposal to speak at the conference, was enthusiastically accepted, and proceeded to make plans to attend.  It turned out to be an incredibly friendly and interesting group of individuals who loved to share their ideas and experiences using games and simulations in their work.  I came away with so many new ideas and friends as well as inspiration and a renewed spirit. 

Even if you are a master at something, take the time to let others in that field teach you something or share their experiences with you.  It will make you a better you - whatever kind of you that you are!