Friday, August 25, 2017

What Lens Are You Looking Through to View the World?

When I first heard about the solar eclipse that would come across the United States a year or two ago - I knew I had to be in the path of totality to experience it. Within a year prior to the event, hotels and campsites all along the path were sold out. A fellow yogi was taking a group on a yoga retreat to experience the eclipse and I considered that opportunity too - but I never did act. A few weeks before eclipse day, my husband and I decided we would wait until it was closer to the actual day and see what the weather would be like in various parts of the country before making a plan to travel. It would be a shame to plan a trip like this and have your view obstructed by rain clouds. We planned to fly out early the morning of the eclipse and head back late that night, so we could bypass the lack of sleeping arrangements in the path cities. So we waited. 

As the day approached my husband ended up with a business trip out of town to take care of a problem at a power plant and wouldn't be able to go with me. I decided to go on my own. I checked out flights to Durham, North Carolina where I have family. I could fly and stay there at night, then drive to Columbia, SC, (A city on the path), with my nieces to experience the celestial phenomena and come back that same night. But - the weather didn't look like it was going to cooperate so I nixed that plan too. My eclipse adventure was going to be in Houston with a 70% eclipse. 

I ended up planning a yoga on the beach during the eclipse and snagging a few dozen NASA approved eclipse viewing glasses on-line for the attendees. Those that could took the day off from work and escaped with me to Sunny Beach in Galveston. We hung out, did a little yoga, took a break to swim and hang and view the eclipse and then did a little more yoga. 

For one beautiful afternoon the country came together to enjoy a celestial eclipse experience. 

We actually kept our eclipse glasses on during part of the yoga practice. It was entertaining to try to do poses when you couldn't see anything - but glorious to turn your head or lean back to look up at the sky in a pose and see the moon covering a majority of the sun - a phenomenal experience. 

Throughout the afternoon I considered the different views I had of the sky. In spite of the eclipse, the day remained quite sunny the whole time. If you hadn't heard about the eclipse, just by looking at the sky you wouldn't have had a clue it was happening here because the sun was blinding and bright. Without the glasses you couldn't see the moon passing by the sun. With the glasses on, the eclipse was amazingly clear. 

So - my question is - how are you viewing the world? Are you blinding yourself with limiting assumptions or using tools to help you see more clearly the options, opportunities and beauty before you?

We are one under the sun. What will you do to keep that feeling alive!

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It was a joyful day for all who came out to enjoy my beach solar eclipse yoga! (Some missed picture time - they had to go back to work!) Keep April 8, 2024 on your calendar - when we will experience a total eclipse of the sun here in Texas. We will be heading to the hill country for a relaxing retreat/eclipse viewing event. It will be here before you know it.