Saturday, January 12, 2013

Valentine give-away

Wouldn't you love a new yoga mat or other yoga toys? 

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All new (and current) followers will be entered in a drawing for yoga mats, blocks, straps and zafus (yoga pillows).  The drawing takes place on Valentine's Day (2-14-13) at noon (CST).  Be sure to sign up as a follower before then.  Winners will be posted on this blog. 

Bonus contest - invite five friends to follow the blog - the first five people that get five friends to follow I Yoga Party automatically win a new yoga mat.  E-mail me your name and the names of your five friends to participate -

Starting now - go!!!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Dolphin Delight

I nestled into the corner of the boat to enjoy the ride, the warmth of the sun, the beautiful views on the shore and in the water and the interesting display of characters and their vessels parading along the canal.  Our captain devoted his attention to our safety and pleasure, maneuvering the boat through the canal while keeping a watchful eye out for dolphins.  Soon, several were spotted a short distance from us near the shore.  Our captain turned the boat around and positioned us near the circling dolphins.  They were looking for fish, we were looking for them.  Repeated attempts at leaving our wake in their path to tempt them to follow were fruitless.  You could imagine them laughing under the water at the silly humans.  Again and again he circled the boat back and forth to the first group of dolphins and then to others we observed at a distance from our current location.  Finally, a pair of dolphins were frolicking in the wake of our boat, jumping in and out of the water right next to the the back corner of the boat (off the port quarter in seaman's terms).  We squealed with delight each time the head or tail of a dolphin rose above the water. It was an amazing show.  All that work by our captain paid off.

In yoga, success in a pose can sometimes be difficult to obtain. We put forth a great deal of effort in our practice.  It is not unusual for the reward to take some time.  Patience and perseverance will get you to where you want to be.  And when we finally reach that place, it is delightful.