Saturday, January 14, 2017

Through the School Zone

Have you ever been driving in a school zone and had to stop at a traffic light halfway through? It is not surprising to see when the light turns green that many of the drivers will take off and ramp up quickly to the posted speed limit while only a few people will remember they are still in a school zone and keep driving slowly. They were in the "school zone" but when they were stopped by the light they went into another thinking "zone" and left the school zone far behind in their minds.

The breathing exercises typically conducted at the beginning of a yoga class assist us in developing our focus, concentration and awareness. We focus on our breath and work to slow and deepen it. We focus on the sound of it and sometimes count silently in our head to aid in concentration.

Take the opportunity to develop your awareness the next time you are stopped at a traffic light.  Are you in a school zone? What buildings are around you? Are there pedestrians or bikes near the intersection? What kinds of cars are at the light also?

Taking short moments to focus on our surroundings develops a keen sense of awareness for all situations.