Wednesday, November 7, 2012


It seemed silly to even bother to go to sleep.  I had to get up at 3:30 am and it was already 2:00, but I did. Even 90 minutes of rest is heaven to the body.  I had a flight at 6:00 and my friend was coming at 4:15 to drive me to the airport. I was grateful for her generous offer as I was sure I would not be able to stay awake on the road driving myself.  The thought of invading my eyes with my contacts was too much too bear as I placed my glasses on my sad tired face. 

I was settled in my seat on the plane when a business man entered the plane and selected the seat in front of me.  He seemed oblivious to his surroundings, (aren't we all at 5:30 am? -ok - not everyone - there are those who worship the sunrise - which I can only do right before I go to bed, not after getting up), as he held up the line of people trying to get down the aisle to their first come first served seats. He took over the row, placing some of his belongings on the seat, shoving a suitcase in the overhead bin, finally moving his rear end out of the aisle so others could pass.  It wasn't large - just in the way.  There was a marked difference between him and those individuals that were once waiting behind him, who grateful for their freedom, quickly moved down the aisle while politely pulling their suitcases near so as not to hit the seated passengers. 

When yoga students enter the yoga room, they carefully select a place for their mat so they won't obstruct the mirror view for other class participants.  They provide space between mats so if they roll out of a headstand they won't roll on top of the person in front of or behind them.  They are considerate of those around them.

Too many times I have seen drivers on the road focused on their cell phone or their sandwich or something besides driving, causing stress for the rest of us. 

Be present in the moment and aware - not oblivious - of your surroundings.  Everyone around you will appreciate it.