Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This Old One Works Just Fine

I have been using my Ipod for the music in my yoga and cycle classes. It locked up the other day and I tried all the tricks on the Internet to get it to unlock along with asking for help from every Ipod expert I knew (anyone younger than me) but with no luck. As a last resort I took it into the Apple store for a repair. I was told it was outdated and there were no signs of life internally (I could have sworn I heard something whirring inside begging me not to kill it). It would be $199 to get it repaired but for $250 I could replace it with a new Ipod that had four times more capacity. What did I need four times more for when I haven't even used up half of what the old one was capable of and I think I have every song known to man loaded on it - or at least every song I know man wants to listen to? I left determined to give CPR to this old Ipod and get it to work. My husband found the trick - accidentally dropping it kicks it back in gear and it has been working ever since.

Sometimes what we have is just enough. We don't need anything more than what we are currently working with. The marketing and sales people are always trying to sell us something newer and better when what we have with a little patience sometimes works just fine.

So take a little more time with the yoga poses in your class and give yourself time to get to where you want to be with them. What you have works just fine - nothing is wrong with the latest model of you.