Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Trans-Siberian Orchestra yoga

I have always been intrigued by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.  Every holiday I hear their music on the radio and long to hear them in person.  Then for some reason, another Christmas season goes by and I have missed out on this special event once more. 

But - no longer.

A girlfriend organized a group of us to attend the concert this past week.  The line almost circled the entire Houston Toyota Center as we stepped up to take our place.  The afternoon concert must have ended late for us to have to line up to get in.  As we entered the concert venue our vision was clouded by the smoke that hadn't cleared from the previous show. 

Then - finally - the moment I have waited years for unleashed upon the stage.  Rocking thunderous music, enthusiastic dancers, amazing keyboard players, flashing laser lights, an electric violin, powerful vocalists, whipping long hair, heat from the flames on-stage all rolled into creating an event that you never wanted to end.  Near the end, some thought it was over and headed out the door .  But we stayed knowing that there is always an encore and this would be one you didn't want to miss.  And it was.  They played on for 45 minutes or more including their famous Christmas Eve/Saravejo in the set. 

One segment during the concert I enjoyed the hair whipping dancers kneeling on the stage moving through poses up and down off the floor. I smiled as I named the yoga poses in my head.  To them they were dancing; to me they were "yoga-ing".  I promised myself I would be sure to include those poses in my weekend yoga classes, nicknaming the classesTrans-Siberian Orchestra Yoga. It was enjoyed by all.   

Yoga.  It's everywhere.  It's a part of life.  Consider making it a part of your life in the new year.