Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Help! I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up!

In yoga, a major part of the class and practice is focusing on your breath, paying attention to how your body feels in different positions, adjusting, staying curious and aware. It provides a great lesson for life - especially when driving. 

We typically use the phrase "I've fallen and I can't get up" when making fun of someone's tipsy condition - when they've been drinking a little too much and stumble to the floor. But it was no laughing matter when I came across a woman sitting in her driveway on the way to the park for a work break walk.

I was heading down a side street in the neighborhood and noticed an elderly woman sitting up on the driveway with her legs off a bit to the side and her back to me. At first glance she looked like she was sitting next to the grass and doing some gardening - which I thought was odd because there weren't any flowers or anything else there. When I noticed she was not making any movement - I stopped the car and rolled down the window, calling out to her to ask if she was ok. She motioned with her hand to come to her. I jumped out of the car and ran toward her noticing blood in her waving hand. I tried to help her up but wasn't able to lift her on my own. She said her son was in the house sleeping and to ring the bell. I did but he must have been sleeping pretty deeply because he didn't come out. I waved at cars passing by - jumping up and down - but no one stopped. I ran down the street waving my arms behind one car and the young men in the car stopped, asked what was going on and came to help. Another woman also stopped and two of us were able to get the woman on her feet. We walked her into the house, got some ice for the lump on her forehead and were able to wake her son. We left her in his care. 

I'm not looking for and don't desire any accolades. I just want it to serve as a reminder to pay attention. To be curious, to look around you, to be aware - whether it is while driving or just being with people at work or home. We are missing so much by not paying attention to what is around us. Sometimes it is fun we are missing out on, or deeper relationships, or the opportunity to help someone in need. 

Be attentive - stay aware - your life will be so much better in so many ways by staying in that frame of mind as much as you are able to.