Sunday, October 9, 2016

Never Give Up

Never Give Up! 

I was watching an NFL game today and as the offensive player was ten yards away from running into the end zone the defensive players started slowing down and stopped their chase, as if it was all over. Just yesterday I watched a college football game where the defensive player never gave up and actually caught the offensive player and knocked the ball out of his hands from behind. Never Give Up!

A few days ago I saw a woman with a reusable grocery bag with "Never Ever Ever Ever Give Up!' written on it.

One of the readings in church today was about Persistence. Never Give Up!

I have some new people in my yoga class and one of them came up to me after class and told me she was a beginner and couldn't do everything but she was going to keep coming to class and keep trying until she could! Never Give Up!

It is clear the message is coming at me from all angles and now I am sharing it with you - "Never Give Up!