Friday, July 6, 2012

Something For Me - Something For You

I rented a beach house for my birthday.  To me, there isn't anything more relaxing than hanging by the beach listening to waves crash on the shore.  I stayed for several days and had different groups of friends and family visit. One day one girlfriend came to join me. Another day a whole group of girlfriends came to party all night.  Next - the family came to spend the weekend.  You could see the stress melt away as they climbed up the stairs to the beach house door.  The view from the deck and the sounds were amazing - the chatter of the seagulls, waves crashing, hot tub jets bubbling away, the blender in the background grinding up frozen margaritas, laughter and "ahs" as the atmosphere sinked in.  I rented the beach house for me as a getaway but realized it was ending up as the much needed break from reality for all of the visitors.  They seemed to need it more than I did and just watching them gave me a sense of peace and happiness that I was able to give them this gift.  

I used to do yoga in college.  I think then it was more of a personal challenge to try to get into some crazy positions as opposed to working through a series of poses for exercise.  After years of teaching fitness classes I took yoga training. I wanted to share this amazing form of exercise with others.  When we teach, especially when we teach an intense class like indoor cycling or a weight lifting class, we as instructors want to get our own workout too.  Though our focus remains on the members - encouraging, motivating, assisting with techniques and offering minor adjustments.  And it's not just the workout.  I always leave class feeling better, calmer, and happier than when I came - having shared my love of fitness and my love for them.

Like the beach house - we both benefit.