Saturday, September 11, 2010

Keep On Truckin'

I have had endless problems with my cell phone company as many of my friends well know. The latest episode involved a 40 minute telephone call to correct billing errors they made and a few trips to the store to exchange a phone that died - all in one day. After the call, I sat there on the verge of tears from the countless hours of frustration I racked up over the last six months and wondered - when is enough, enough? "Not until I get what I need!" I thought as I typed up a letter to the Chief Service Officer of the Company.

I admit, I am more persistent than most. I am always disappointed when I see new people leave the yoga room early in their first class. It doesn't happen very often, but it does happen. I wonder what I could have done differently to stop it. I am assured by the regulars that there wasn't anything I could have said or done differently. "Some people just give up more quickly than others", they say.

During class there are always people stopping, sitting down or laying down for a few minutes or more - finding a pose that works better for them at that moment. Some laugh as I demonstrate a pose with my hands on the floor and my feet in the air. I can hear their "no way" or the noises that tell me they are thinking "you have got to be kidding". But they stay. And they work through the poses and they rest when they need to and "no way" turns into "some day". And there they are - with their hands on the floor and their feet in the air.

Keep on truckin'!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Be Careful What You Say

My younger son, a true engineer, was designing a beverage holder for his golf bag and had a six pack of Coke that he was using in his experiment out in the garage. He left for college and the experiment was left behind. I brought the Cokes into the house to get them out of the heat (for fear they might explode sitting out in the garage) and left them on the barstool to empty and recycle later.

That night my husband and I came in from a fun evening playing games at a friend's house - if you call losing to my husband every time we play a game fun. Actually we are able to take him down occasionally, just not last night. As I walked in the door I noticed the floor dirty from all the barbecuing and just people walking in and out of the house earlier that day. I declared loudly that I was going to call my friend's maid to clean the house because I just couldn't mop the floor one more time. I was so tired of cleaning the floor and was ready for my "back to school" treat - the maid. Every summer when the boys leave for college I treat myself to a house cleaning by a professional and I was ready.

As I walked past the bar stools heading to the computer room to shut off my laptop for the night, I knocked the stool where I had placed the Coke cans earlier in the day. The cans hit the floor exploding into rivers of Coke running along the grout grooves and then just pouring over the tiles, splashing onto the couch and chair (thank goodness for easy clean up leather). I let loose a few words of surprise, resigned myself to pulling out the mop, bleach and pail and mopped the floor - one more time!

In yoga, I was settling down on my mat in the front of the room as the last of the Zumba dancers from the class before mine exited the room. I saw an instructor and another friend heading out the door and lightheartedly gave them a hard time for not staying for yoga. The instructor said her body just couldn't handle getting tied up in a pretzel that night. I started to laugh because some times I have a theme night (like head and shoulders - headstands and shoulder stands) and tonight was "pretzel night" - with a plan for a lot of twists and human pretzel poses. The class looked at me with fear in their eyes when I revealed that to them after her comment.

Be careful what you say - you just might get it.