Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Are You a Robot?

As I stood in line at the store check-out I could hear the cashier running through her spiel - "How are you today?", "Did you want to save 5% by opening a ---- account?", "Thank you for shopping with us", "Have a great day!". I flashed my charge card in front of her so that she could see that I already had a card. Surely I wouldn't hear the same "Did you want to save 5% by opening a --- account?". But the same words she had just delivered to the customer in front of me came out of her mouth without missing a beat. I said no thank you and mentioned I already had a card for her store, flashing my shiny red card again for her to see. She bagged up my items and I was on my way. I passed along the line of cash registers toward the exit and noticed my favorite cashier was working. He was ringing up customers with his usual "you are the most important person in the world - how can I make your life easier today? - I am SO glad you came to visit us today" attitude. It never fails. He is one thing you can always count on. I smiled as I left - making a mental note to look for him first before I check out next time.

Then I wondered. Am I a robot? When I teach my yoga classes do I run through the sun salutations with an "oh here we go again - sun salutation number 4,378". Or do I make each one a delightful new movement for myself and everyone. Either way - I am going to make sure I do going forward. No more robots.