Friday, September 11, 2009

Stuff, Stuff and More Stuff

I feel like a bag lady when I walk into the gym loaded up with all the items I need to teach my yoga class. There is the bag full of yoga mats for those members who don't own one, music, yoga blocks and straps, my zafu cushion, etc... If I teach two classes in a row, I may have another bag for that class - maybe filled with my cycling shoes, music, water, towels, etc... Over time the bags can get heavy as I toss in more music and things I might need. Occasionally I do a "spring" cleaning on a bag and dump the contents out on the floor. I am always amazed at what has accumulated. I sort through the items, end up throwing away a few things and feel much lighter and more organized as a result.

Spring cleaning isn't just for the spring. Try to get rid of some of your excess "stuff" this week. Just go through one drawer or bag or closet. Let me know how it works out.