Saturday, April 17, 2010

Where Were You Last Week?

I sponsored my neighbor's son for his confirmation in the Catholic Church last night. I was there when the boy was born - which was an exciting tearful ceremony and I was there last night - which was a slightly tearful and exciting in a different way ceremony. His Eminence (I love that - his eminence) the Daniel Cardinal DiNardo said the mass and conducted the ceremony. I love to listen to him speak. He is clear and straightforward and funny. He said the mass for my sons and conducted their confirmation ceremony a few years ago when he was a bishop. The oldest said he would go to church every day if the Cardinal was saying the mass (I am sure I could find out where the Cardinal will be every day and get my son to live up to that one!) because he enjoyed his sermons so much. The Cardinal was presenting his sermon and was telling the story of Jesus appearing to the disciples after his death. "Jesus said Peace Be With You - he didn't say Where Were You Last Week?" I laughed as I thought of my yoga students.

Sometimes they are late for class and apologize. I smile and say - "It's not a problem - I'm glad you're here. It is always ok to come in no matter how late you are". Sometimes they tell me they are going to be gone or tell me why they missed the last ten classes and I am always glad they are back. No need to apologize. I won't grill you to find out where you were last week or why you won't be here next week. I'm just glad you are here now.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Only the Perfect Ones

My husband was helping me fill hundreds of small bags with M&M's for a give-away in the attendee bags for a conference I am speaking at in May. I asked him to pull out any broken ones and only use the "perfect" ones as he filled the bags with a spoon. He obliged.

Then I connected it to yoga, as I always do.

I tell my students that their pose doesn't have to be perfect and that they don't have to look like the person next to them. I remind them that this is a practice and they should make the pose work for them however they have to modify it. I encourage them by saying every pose is a good pose as long as they are still breathing.

Then I looked back at the M&M 's I was pouring into a bag and let a broken one slip into the bag - with a smile.

Come On In and Join In On the Fun

My husband was having a poker game with the guys at the house so I had to escape and entertain myself for six hours. That is not hard to do. I rallied the ladies together for drinks, a movie and a trip to a country western bar called Big Texas. One of my friends was worried we might be too old for the place. To alleviate her concerns I asked the bouncer at the door if there was an upper age limit for the bar. He didn't look like he had passed his twenty first birthday yet. He smiled and said, "that is the first time I've ever heard that one". I am sure he has heard a lot of interesting things. I replied, "that is the first time I ever asked that one". He assured me that we were not old at all and invited us into the bar. It turned out to be a grand time. There was a live band, many great dancers that are always fun to watch two-stepping around the dance floor, and great challenges at the pool tables. Oh, and did I mention the cute cowboys?

Some people have the same attitude toward yoga class. They think - I am too old, I am not flexible, I will never be able to do that. The list goes on. I think they are missing out on a good time and on something that is good for them. I say - Don't hesitate at the door, come on in and join in on the fun!