Sunday, April 14, 2013

Try It! - You'll Like Mine

My husband plays poker once a month with buddies from work.  I think it is great for guys to get together and when they do - the girls get together too.  This time he was hosting it at our house and it is customary for the host to feed the crowd.  Now, my husband is a great cook and I don't even bother to cook very much any more because everything he makes is so good.  But there are a few things that I make that he just cannot compete with me on - or doesn't dare try.  I cannot share my recipes with him because if I did, he wouldn't need me for anything anymore.  He asked if I would be able to make lasagna for the guys and I agreed.  After all - he is always treating me with delicious meals off the smoker/grill and the fluffiest omelets ever every Sunday.  It was the least I could do. 

Lasagna is a process.  It is best done with a glass (bottle?) of wine in one hand and a giant spoon in the other.  I enjoy making it but it can take a half of a day the way I perform this operation.  With each new batch, I buy more ingredients than I did the last time and definitely more than I need.  I end up making more lasagna than a family could possibly eat in a week.  I figure if I am going to do it and make a mess of the kitchen, then I am really going to do it up right.  This time it was six pans.  So I shared some with friends and neighbors. 

I have a girlfriend that has never liked lasagna. There is something in it that is common in lasagna recipes and it doesn't taste good to her.  She tried mine one day and couldn't believe that she liked it.  Now I always make sure she gets a pot of it when I make it.  I offered some to another friend from this batch and she readily accepted it saying she doesn't care for it but her family would love it.  I suggested she try it, telling her I have a few friends like her and I would bet that she ends up liking mine. And she did!  Now, I can't tell you what the secret is, no one would need me anymore - so I will carry that with me until I die.  (Or drink enough wine some night that you coax it out of me!).

So, we may all be making or doing pretty much the same thing but it is going to turn out a little different because we can't help but influence the outcome with a little bit of our style.

I teach yoga at the gym.  I have many people that love my class and some that prefer a little different style, though they still join me for class and modify to suit their needs. I encourage them to also try some of the other instructors until they find a yoga that really resonates with them.  It can be such a wonderful experience for us in many ways - mind, body and soul - and can only benefit those that practice it.

But if you've never tried it - try mine - you'll like it!