Thursday, September 17, 2009

Embrace Your Imperfections

I had a wonderful experience this evening at a local community church. A few weeks ago a girlfriend invited me to this Ladies Night Out. I hesitated at first because I knew I would be tied up with teaching business classes for several days straight, including a business trip out of town, and I would be coming in late and tired the afternoon of the event. But, I said YES and am so glad I did.

The event theme was “Embrace Imperfection” – our imperfections.

It started with a light dinner (sandwiches and salads – yum!!) and the opportunity to meet new friends. Then we went in to the assembly area for -

  • awesome singing and music
  • a presentation by the ladies program director on all the magazines that promote and urge us to make or have the perfect meal, make-up, body, sex, …
  • testimonies from women about their obsessions for the perfect life, children and houses
  • an interpretation of the scripture with God's message to strive for perfection
  • then more awesome singing and upbeat music

It ended with us going back to our tables for cookies – yum!! (my girlfriend and I tracked down the chocolate cookies!) – and socializing - a few of my favorites things!

We were encouraged to accept our imperfections and embrace them and enjoy them for they are what make us unique.

I plan to remind my yoga people to embrace their imperfect yoga poses because they are what make the class and each of them so unique. The way they perform each pose is perfect for them.

At a recent yoga party I conducted, one of the ladies - having never done yoga before - approached each yoga pose with abandon - squealing with delight as she danced and expressed herself with open arms to each new twist of her body. It was a delight to watch. And though her poses did not mimic the perfect pictures in the yoga books, they were as perfect as they could be. If we all could only be so comfortable - and embrace our imperfections. Try it and let me know how it feels.