Friday, April 13, 2012

Let It Come To You

As I stood at the top of the trapeze platform, the assistant reminded me to wait for her cue before I jumped. "Once you are out there - let the other person come to you. Reach out and let her grab you." she instructed me. I am not sure I heard much of it because the height of the platform was terrifying me. I held on for dear life and waited for the "hep" cue. And I was off - screaming with fear and delight at the same time all the way. I reached out, let her come to me - and felt her hands wrap around my wrists - contact - success - yes!!

In yoga, when we are doing a lunge pose called a triangle, I remind the students not to bend over to try and touch the floor. "Let the floor come to you", I instruct them. "The deeper you lunge, the closer the floor will get. Let it come to you." Some are patient and others can't wait - they bend over forward to touch the floor thinking that is the goal. I help them adjust their pose to remove the strain and allow them to move closer to the side bend benefits. In time, they will learn to let the pose flow instead of trying to make it happen. In yoga, as in life, our egos get in the way in so many unproductive ways.

Sometimes we need to stop trying so hard to get somewhere and allow things and people to come to us. All in good time.