Wednesday, May 18, 2016

What That Song Meant To Me

My girlfriend's husband was working overseas and every six weeks they would meet here or there in a different country. She traveled to Turkey on one trip and brought me back a CD of music. I incorporated one of the songs from the CD gift into my yoga class playlist. At the end of class that night a young woman came up to me. She seemed a bit teary eyed yet happy. She shared that she had just moved from Turkey and the song I played was the first music she'd heard here from her country and it meant to world to her. Wow! That was so cool and such a coincidence to have her in class the only night I played a song from that CD. I was so grateful that I had the opportunity to give that gift to her.

Recently in cycle class, a few members were hanging out after class, as we usually do. One young woman started to tear up as she talked about a song I had played in class. It was a long hill song. It reminded her of the wonderful times she had running with her father in the hill country. He was not able to run with her right now, but the song took her to that time and place in the past that she enjoyed so much with him. "Transcendent", she said.  It was the most special thing I've ever heard from someone in one of my cycle classes. I was so grateful that I was able to give her that experience without even knowing it and so happy she shared it with me.

Music affects us in so many positive ways. Play that favorite song for yourself and get lost in the experience.