Friday, May 6, 2016

No BUTS about it!

I was preparing for a trip and needed to get a little extra cash so I stopped in at my bank. (I know - I could access a machine - but I like talking with the people in the bank more). I was greeted at the door by my former tennis instructor, who works there now. I took a set of group lessons for a few weeks through the community education program many many years ago. It was fun, and I have been a casual player over the years, even before my lessons. I walked up to the teller and my tennis instructor joined me. "She is a tennis player" she said to the teller. I almost said "not really" out loud but stopped myself. "Well, I do play tennis", I thought. "And I don't have to be great to be a player, right? So, I guess I AM a tennis player, yes I am!!"

And it made me think of other situations. My girl friend and I were paired up with another couple on the golf course a while ago. The woman in the pair called herself a golfer but she didn't keep score and she picked up her ball half the time without finishing the hole. But she IS a golfer.

I tell people in my yoga class that as long as they are breathing they are still doing yoga, so they ARE yogis! You don't have to be great at something to do it or be it. 

How many times do we discount what we are doing or being with that "I am, BUT!"?

Own what you do and are and enjoy! No BUTS about it!