Monday, May 29, 2017

Save My Spot!!

The back row of my indoor cycle class is a favorite for some of my members.  They save each other spots and each of them likes a particular bike position. If someone from outside their group comes earlier than they do and gets their "spot", they seem a little out of sorts.

I also have people in yoga class that prefer a certain area - away from the fans, close to the mirror so they can watch their form, or close to a wall so they can hold on when they don't have their balance that day. They are more comfortable if they can get their "spot".

My thought is - have you ever thought about exploring a "new spot"?

How many times do we get caught in a rut, doing the same thing the same way, sitting in the same spot day after day - never changing or meeting new people or observing our practice from a new angle? What would sitting by new people do for us? Are we missing out on meeting a new friend? What would not having the wall do - would we try harder to balance?

If you notice that you are always picking the same spot - consider picking a new place on purpose - as simple as a different path for your daily walk. Observe and enjoy how it opens up your perspective and your life!