Sunday, March 12, 2017

In the Blink of an Eye

I like to walk in the park near our high school and often find this time very peaceful and meditative. As I walked today I thought about the people that come to my cycle and yoga classes. They aren't always just there to exercise. Many times they are there to release, escape or just destress from things that are happening in their lives. I remember one early morning after subbing a cycle class - a young woman told me her dog had passed away and she was really having a tough time and had hardly been able to get out of bed the day before. She said she was glad I had posted I was teaching that morning. She made it out of bed to come to class and it really helped her.
SO as I walked today I reflected on being there for others and being more present in my every day activities. I listened and watched the birds and squirrels, noticed the trees and grass and people, including the birthday party for a young boy about to start, and the pavement beneath my feet - and just enjoyed and paid attention to everything.
After, as I sat in my car waiting to turn left at the always very long light at the exit from the park on FM 2351 - I noticed the car to my right on 2351 with his blinker on waiting to make a u-turn. I rolled down my window to feel the wonderful cool air that came in as a result of the overnight rain. The light turned green but I didn't move. Because I had the window down I heard the roar of a fast approaching car. I normally would look to my left anyway before I turned just to make sure traffic stopped - but my head swung quickly left in response to the sound of the speeding car. It was obvious she wasn't going to stop - or even slow down. I looked up to confirm she had a red light (that is hadn't malfunctioned somehow) - yes - bloody bright red! I waited as she sped by me - hauling ass - "cluelass" (cluelessly hauling ass - my new coined term) - and honked my horn at the oblivious driver. I calmly shook my head in disbelief and made my turn after she passed (guessing she was moving at 45-50+mph). As I passed the Southbelt Air Conditioning and Heating shop on my right, I read their sign out front - "In God We Trust". Oh yes - I do!
Feeling lucky - I stopped at the Shell station on the corner to buy some lottery tickets.
So why did I share this? I firmly believe that focusing on your surroundings and being more present in every moment can really positively change your life - personally and professionally. The Houston Chronicle has an article in the paper today on Hip Hop and meditation and the story of a former Houston DJ that left the radio world and opened a meditation shop. I'm thinking of getting a certification in it - and bringing it to the corporate world.
Meditation doesn't have to be sitting in a chair quiet for 20 minutes. It can be a walk in the park. It can be sitting in your backyard in a hammock with a beer - just hanging. I'm thinking of starting meditative walks in the park - would that interest you?
I encourage your to give meditation a try. It just might save your life - it saved mine today!