Wednesday, April 21, 2010


We had just settled down to the start of yoga class and our relaxation breathing exercise. The back wall of the yoga room is clear glass and I noticed a couple walk up to the room and have a seat on a bench near the door with a good view of the room. Then they stood up to read the posted class schedule. I was sure they wanted to join us but assumed they felt a little uncomfortable because the class had already started. I went to the door, cracked it open, invited them in and handed them mats. They found a place near the back of the group and joined right in.

Just as I encourage others, I find myself encouraged by others to try new things.

My husband and I went to Cabo San Lucas recently for a birthday get-away. I have always wanted to zip-line and found myself on a bus with him and a group of tourists headed to San Jose for a zip-lining adventure. My husband really wanted to stay at the hotel and relax as he travels all the time - but after all - it was my birthday - so he went along for the adventure. "What is zip-lining?" you ask. You are harnessed and connected to a cable or rope that extends across a canyon and "slide" down the cable to the other side squealing all the way. At least I squealed. My first one was a squeal of fear, the subsequent ones were squeals of delight. Each zip gets longer and higher, which only adds to the excitement - or the fear depending on your perspective. At one point on the adventure you given a choice - to do the "chicken line" and head to the right for a few more zips or do the "adventurous" choice and head to the left for rappelling down a cliff and some rock climbing. As I contemplated the choices and considered whether I was a chicken, my husband headed down to the left without a word or his usual kiss good-bye. As I watched him disappear I thought - "I am not going to listen to him call me a chicken for the next few days" and my decision was made. I joined the rest of the adventurous travelers on the two by four foot platform at the top of the cliff. THIS WAS GOING TO BE FUN - I kept telling myself. And it really was.

It is difficult to take a risk and try something new. But, when you have a buddy with you or extra encouragement (e.g. desertion) it is always easier.

I recommend you find someone to be your SIDEKICK to stand or zip or downward dog at your side - (maybe even give you a little "side" kick) and you will find it easier to jump in and enjoy the adventure.

Wine a Little - You'll Feel Better

For the past few years I have attended the Yoga Journal Yoga Conference in San Francisco. It is a beautiful town filled with exciting things to do and the conference is always a delightful buffet of "All I Can Yoga" events and workshops. But my favorite part of the trip is hooking up with my sister to spend a day in the wine country. This last time we ended up at the Jacuzzi winery simply because the name reminded us of a lot of fun parties that ended up in a jacuzzi. It turns out the winery history connects back to the inventor of the Jacuzzi - (I knew I was going to like that place). I joined their wine club and received my first wine shipment today. As I opened the box and reviewed all the labels on the bottles I was reminded of that wonderful afternoon where my sister and I spent a few hours in wine heaven - sampling all sorts of white and red wines and the chocolates to go with them. A favorite was a chocolate shot glass that we were able to eat after shooting the wine. We were the only ones in the winery so we were given a great deal of attention - and extra samples - hence my joining the Jacuzzi wine club!

In yoga class, I encourage my students to gently use the wall, blocks and straps to assist them in getter deeper into a pose so that their body will remember where it is supposed to go in a pose. The next time they attempt that pose, their body might be able to take them to that place where the prop helped them get previously.

Like the wine shipment - the body and mind remember - and we enjoy the present moment or pose even more.