Sunday, November 21, 2010

There's Something About the Water

Our boys (6'3" - 195 pound solid muscle, eating machines) are coming home for the Thanksgiving holiday. Being the good mother that I am, I head out to stock up on seafood for the pre-Thanksgiving Day eating fenzy that is soon to begin. I always enjoy going to the waterfront for seafood, even moreso on days like this with the top down on the convertible. It is an adventure compared to driving over to the grocery store. I smile as I enter my favorite seafood store and find the usual guys behind the counter anxious to help me with my selection. I like to pick out fresh fish, looking for clear eyes, not cloudy, as a friend raised by a fisherman always instructed me. I attempt to speak Spanish as I make my requests to have the fish fileted, and end up learning a few new words in the process. The workers are always polite and seem entertained with my speech, making me wonder if I said what I thought I was saying!

With my bags of iced down shrimp, snapper and salmon in hand, I head out the door. As I walk down the steps of the building I notice a patch of sandy beach thirty or so yards off to the right and cannot help but drive in that direction before heading to the highway. There is something about the water that always draws me to it. I find a newly constructed gazebo to hang out on and spend some time just watching the waves crash in as sailboats float out on the water in the distance. I am mesmerized for a while, then regretfully head toward the car. But, I am consoled by the fact that I invited my yoga class members to meet me for yoga in the park later in the day - and there is a lake (fake - but a lake!) there to enjoy.

I wish everyone could have come, but only a few were able to enjoy yoga in the park today, Not a cloud in the sky, not an ant hill to avoid, not a mess left behind on the grassy hill by a dog to accidentally roll onto during a sun salutation - just perfect everything from the people to the sunset. As we lay in savasana (on our backs in corpse pose) after a welcome workout, I turned my head to the side and opened my eyes to see the sun setting and the water on the man-made lake rippling from the gentle wind blowing through the trees. There's something about the water - isn't there?

(Won't you join us next time? Check the schedule at for the next Yoga in the Park)