Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Motivate Me!

There are many motivational conferences and events happening in the area all the time from the Texas Conference for Women to the Get Motivated Seminars.  They usually include a day long star studded speaker list and upbeat messages and key points.  You leave the event ready to tackle the world.  And then life happens, and you get wrapped back up in your day to day "things to do list" awaiting another spark to reignite your passion for what you really want to do for the world. 

Yoga is a practice.  Each day in class we practice many of the same poses that are a key component of any yoga class and them work on unique poses to target specific areas of the body.  I encourage the students to continue their practice outside of the classroom. The class is a renewal of the spirit and a reminder that personal practice is the key to progress. 

Find a way that works for you personally to build on the motivation you receive in a class or at an event.  It might be to:
  • set your yoga mat on the floor in the living room as reminder to practice
  • partner with a friend or coach to take action on the ideas presented at the conference
  • schedule time in your weekly calendar to practice yoga or plan the steps to move forward on a project
Carry on.  Get er' done!