Monday, July 8, 2013

Balancing Your Life - Yin-Yang

Yin-Yang - an ancient concept and symbol referring to complementary opposites, such as light/dark.

I am planning my next yoga class and have decided to do a little more Yin-Yang than usual. Some people like yoga slow and enjoying struggling to hang out in a pose for five or more breaths.  Other people like to speed flow through warm-up poses like a rock star on "Red Bull" (i.e. Mick Jagger comes to mind jumping all over the stage!). Some people like all instrumental music while many enjoy my classes because of the occasional rocking songs that flow with the moves like "Get Down On It" for squats.  We actually Yin-Yang through every class - whatever goes forward must go backward, whatever goes up must go down. I think I will just make it a little more obvious in the next session. Here's to five breath or more poses - we'll see how it goes tomorrow.

As you consider Yin-Yang - think about your life.  When you are running at top speed to get a million and one things done on your to-do list, do you also take time later that day or week to relish in your accomplishments and just sit back and relax?  Know that when you are down you will come back up, and when you are up - relish the experience. 

Relative levels of Yin-Yang are continuously changing. Normally this is a harmonious change.  Here's to keeping the sweet balance of Yin-Yang in our life!