Monday, July 26, 2010

So Many People, So Little Time

I come from a very large family by today's standards. I have seven brothers and sisters. Our dad passed away last year one day shy of his 91st birthday. We celebrated his life with an Irish Catholic service complete with a bagpiper and whiskey shots at the cemetery on a beautiful Michigan Memorial Day ending it all with a sprinkling of rain and a double rainbow (go Irish - go leprechauns!)

I was teaching a business class in the fall on Personal and Professional Effectiveness and was covering some ideas from the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. He asks us to ask ourselves "What is the one thing in my personal life that I am not doing now that if I did, it would make a significant positive impact on my personal life?". The question is asked in regard to your professional life also. I posed the questions to the class. To give them ideas I presented my answers. In my professional life I want to learn Spanish so I can teach my business and fitness classes in Spanish in foreign countries. I started years ago but need to ramp up my studies if I am going to make that goal any time soon. When it came to my personal life I immediately thought of my dad. Out of nowhere I said I would call my brothers and sisters every month in order to keep in touch and keep them connected (and that is no small task considering there are seven of them and some of those phone calls can last hours!). I started that night, though I already had credit for a few since I regularly call some of them, even talk to them daily. Some were a little concerned at first when they answered the telephone, thinking someone had died. And quickly let go a sigh of relief when they heard I just wanted to say "Hi" and see what was up. It has turned out to be a wonderful goal. I hear the delight in their voices when they hear it is me just calling to catch up. Some of them never think about calling, they get so busy with their lives, so I am glad I started this. I have already added my mother-in-law to the list. I am thinking of adding all of my husband's brothers and sisters - but remember - that is another large Catholic family! Why not?

I taught yoga Saturday to a very full class. There were mats lined up against the back wall. Near the end of class I was looking at the back wall people and realized I hadn't made it back there very often during class to adjust them, offer a comment or demonstrate a pose next to them. I like to touch everyone, look at everyone or just make a positive comment on how hard they are working if I can. It is important. Tonight I will try to do just that - make sure I "touch" everyone in the class at least once every time. What a positive impact that will have.

One gym I work at has a goal of touching 24 millions lives with our fitness classes this year. I better get started. So many yoga students, so little time.