Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Perfect Party

I was invited to a personal shower for the future daughter-in-law of my friend. I love parties and really enjoy meeting new people. I behaved myself with the present I purchased which is so unlike me - a Victoria Secret gift certificate and Godiva chocolates. You really can't go wrong there.

I knew the moment my girlfriend and I pulled up in the drive-way it was going to be the "perfect" party. The pool in the backyard had the perfect fountain of water spraying over the perfectly clear water. The lawn was perfectly manicured. When we entered the house all of the women were perfectly behaved, standing or sitting, talking about perfectly appropriate party subjects. Two perfectly groomed poodles greeted us and later sat in the lap of the hostess - behaving as perfect poodles do. The table was beautifully set with little sandwiches and punch and a - you guessed it - perfectly decorated cake that matched the picture on the invitation. We were going to have dinner as a group after the shower so I tried to save my appetite but the cake kept calling to me. I can resist a store bought cake but I overheard that this one was baked by the hostess' work friend and she makes divine cakes. So I cut a small slice (that could fit into my mouth in one bite) and placed it on my napkin. I lifted the cake with my fingers and dropped it into my mouth and wow - what a delight and what a mistake. It was now going to be extremely difficult to resist getting more. I failed miserably at resisting. I ended up back at the table and sliced a much bigger piece of cake and again placed it on a napkin. My friend and the hostess happened to be standing next to me at the table this time. The hostess tried to put a plate under my napkin as I enjoyed the cake piece by piece. I let her put the plate under my cake but never did make it to the fork before I finished it off. It just tastes better to me when it can be enjoyed that way. The hostess kept a straight face but inside I am sure she was horrified. Maybe she never lived with five brothers or a houseful of men. I enjoy visiting the perfect party where everything is in its perfect place and sometimes wish mine was the same way - but I am much more comfortable when I can eat my cake my way!

I jest about the "perfectness" of the party. It really was a delightful afternoon and I immensely enjoyed the women I met. I sometimes have the perfect house too. Whenever we have a party all of the imperfections get fixed and cleaned and the house looks perfect when guests arrive. That is one of the reasons I love to have parties.

I consider my yoga class a party. Though we don't have cake and punch I like to make sure people have a good time. In my class there is no "perfect" - no perfect pose, no perfect anything - just practice. I like my members to smile, to laugh, to groan, to be creative with their poses and do their best with what they have. I try to emphasize the "relaxed - do what you can" atmosphere right away so everyone enjoys class and new people are not intimidated.

And sometimes - I even see some perfect poses.