Thursday, March 9, 2017

Positively Open to Possibilities

On this International Women's Day I would like to share a short story note about a woman in my yoga class that is a model for all of us.  This woman is fairly new to yoga and seated herself in the front row of my yoga class last night. I'm not that great at guessing ages but assume she was probably a few years older than me. Before I started class she told me she was determined to be positive and was going to try everything I offered in class - even if it was hard and it scared her. To my delight - she did.

I watched her try to put her head under her leg in a lunge even though it wouldn't really go yet and said to myself - "she is really going to do what she said!" A little later I assisted her as she planted her arms into a tripod and attempted a headstand. Her feet never left the ground. With every pose she gave it her all - but a cautious all. She would try everything and step it back a notch when something felt like too much or didn't feel ok to her. But she remained positive and open.

At the end of class she was so proud of herself and I was too. There's nothing like a little risk taking to up your self esteem. She was/is the best model for being open to the possibilities I've ever come across in my yoga classes!! We can all take a lesson from her.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

You Have a Choice

A new member joined my yoga class yesterday morning. As I observed her move up and down from the floor before class started, I thought she might have a little trouble keeping up with the first part of the class where we flow through a series of sun salutations. I went up to her and gave her a few tips, along a strap for stretches and a set of blocks to bring the floor closer in poses where we bend over. I let her know that she could skip any poses she didn't feel comfortable with and she could stay longer in any poses she enjoyed - ignoring any directions I gave when she wanted to. I wanted to let her know it was her class and she had a choice on what and how fast and which poses to play with. She was very appreciative.

Sometimes people come to classes and think there is only one way. They somehow believe they have to do everything they are instructed to do in exactly the way it is presented and don't have choices on modifying or deciding not to do parts of it. I remind members that it is like an all you can eat buffet - and they don't have to eat everything!

Remember when approaching any situation that you always have a choice. There is always more than one way to proceed. Don't get locked into the one way or the only way. Play with alternatives, modify what you need to make things work for you.

It's not the only job in the world, they're not the only potential partner for you, things won't always be like this, there is more than one response or outcome to the event, you have control over your responses,...

Life is full of choices - stay open to possibilities and enjoy your freedom to choose.