Thursday, May 23, 2013

Passion Wins Over Living in the Past

Houston gets Super Bowl LI in 2017! 
Ric Campo, chairman of the Houston Super Bowl bid committee, and David Crane, another member of the committee, made a presentation to the Super Bowl committee that included a video with this theme: Texans love their football, and they love the NFL.  Houston won out over South Florida's focus on the past - the 10 Superbowls Miami has hosted.   I love that focusing on the people and our passion for the sport won over bragging about past efforts. 
I remember interviewing for a job several years back (which I was offered), and almost everyone I spoke with that day kept bringing up the awards the company had won over ten years back.  I was impressed with one executive that was real and down to earth and into the present moment of where the company was and where I could help take them into the future.
In yoga we work together to be present in the moment of class, to remove all distractions (cell phones, worry), and focus on our breath and the flow of poses.  The passion of every individual in the room shines through as they work hard and focus on every move.  There isn't any bragging about past accomplishments, or worry about not getting a pose - just enjoyment of where we are and where we are going.
Herein lies a great lesson for life and business proposals.