Sunday, October 10, 2010

Quick - Get the Camera

I recently attended a yoga workshop with an instructor who goes by the name of "Yeah Dave". He combines yoga, chocolate and wine - which I have always been an avid supporter of. I enjoyed the workshop, the refreshments and Dave - as a good looking male instructor always keeps me present in the moment in class. Dave heavily promotes this concept and has a video clip on his WEB site of him interviewing people in Hawaii being present in the moment (how can you not be present in the moment in Hawaii?). He sent out a newsletter after the workshop inviting us to send him pictures of us being present in the moment. I immediately began to think of creative extraordinary things I could do and then photograph to submit in response to his request. Then I came to my senses.

Last night I held a "yoga on the beach" party. My best friend and I went to the beach a few hours before party time to enjoy the sun, waves and friend time as well as make sure we were the first ones at the party. As the start time for the beach games approached I was disappointed that hoards of yogis were not descending on the area we staked out with our Hillbillly Golf Game (i.e. a game similar to horsehoes but played with a ladder frame and golf balls on rope) and our yoga mats. I lamented that we might be the only ones. She wisely responded (as she so often does) that "many people really wanted to come but it was Saturday and they got caught up with Saturday things and the time slipped away from them. Besides it wouldn't be so bad with just the two of us." She was right. If no one else showed up we would get all the prizes (including the wine and beer - how awesome is that?) and I would get more time with my best friend who has been working so much lately I have hardly seen her.

I relaxed and the yogis started to arrive. Some came for the games and more came for the yoga. People around us stopped to watch. We invited them to join us but they just continued to watch. The weather was incredible. There wasn't a cloud in the sky, the water was clear, there wasn't any seaweed washed up on shore and the sand felt cool as you dug your fingers in to stay balanced in a pose. Some people from Florida or Hawaii won't come to the beach because it isn't Florida or Hawaii. They just haven't seen Galveston in October. If they only knew what they were missing their mat would have been next to mine on the beach.

The sun was getting close to setting as I invited the group to lie back on their mats, relax their legs and wiggle their toes, roll their head from side to side and let everything sink into the sand. Then, all we heard was the ocean, all we smelled was the clean cool air.

Quick - get the camera - snap a picture for Yeah Dave.