Sunday, April 21, 2013

Feet Planted Firmly In the Air

I loved to watch them as they squealed, shouted, clapped, flipped, jumped and made it all look so easy.  When I was a young girl I shied away from trying out for cheerleading.  The cartwheels and splits eluded me and those were two defining talents cheerleaders were required to perform. I did end up on the modern dance squad and performed at football and basketball games, but those splits and cartwheels remained on my bucket list.  (Maybe if I had practiced them they would have eventually come to me!)

A few years ago, while teaching a yoga class, I was able to make it completely to the floor in the splits for the first time in my life. I squealed with delight and shouted that "now, I could try out for cheerleading!".  A joke transformed into a reality and the next year I found myself in line at tryouts with a young waitress friend less than half my age trying out for the Houston Texan cheerleaders. I was able to make it through the second round while my young friend had to drop out because of neck and back problems. All of that day long hair flippin' and hip shakin' had taken a toll.  I really think the yoga kept me free from injury.  The second round was my last round but the memories of a day filled with excitement and dancing dreams was sure to last forever.

I still struggle with the cartwheel half of the bucket dream. I have been able to fly up into a handstand but rounding it out as a cartwheel will take some time.  I recently showed my yoga class my cartwheel for entertainment purposes only - and it was entertaining in its feebleness!  Why are my feet planted so firmly on the ground - afraid to fly freely in the air?

What are we really afraid of?  The worst thing that could happen is a little butt bounce on the floor.  I'm going to keep practicing until my feet are planted firmly in the air.  Join me.