Monday, April 29, 2013

Stop Making It So Hard Because ISS - It's So Simple

I show my yoga students ways to modify poses so they will work more effectively for them. They are also very creative and find ways to change the poses knowing their own limitations. They don't typically try to find a way to make things harder to do - but sometimes they manage to.  In one pose where we balance on our forearms with our legs up in the air, the yoga practitioner can make it harder by pushing their shoulders forward.  Then they really have to use their strength to hold the pose and many of them can.  But they are making it so much harder than it would be if they lined their shoulders up with their elbows.  I don't think they are consciously trying to make it harder, it just happens as they work the pose, but sometimes they can really complicate the simplest of positions.  They do adjust when I show them the alternative way - unlike some corporations.

When a high performing employee suddenly starts performing at a less than stellar level the discipline process typically kicks in.  Why don't we just talk to them and see what is going on in their life that might have caused a change and offer to help? 

When employees are overwhelmed with work and bosses don't have time to sort through the urgent and non-urgent tasks when delegating - they get pushed harder to work longer hours and get more done in less time. Why don't we take a step back and evaluate what we are asking people to do - to see if it is necessary, important, needs to be done at all or could be accomplished in a more productive way?

When the business is experiencing a dip in sales, we jump to see what our competitors are doing and try to follow along. Why don't we pay better attention to our customers and give them valuable products and services?

A tragic event results in government intervention and more cumbersome rules and regulations that don't really address the problem, but look great politically.  Why don't we pause and examine the root of the problem and make changes that will be lasting and effective?

ISS - It's So Simple - stop trying to make things so difficult. Relax your thinking and look for the real cause behind the situation.  Then make a plan to move forward.