Friday, January 12, 2018

When the Time is Right

During the Christmas Holiday I offered door prizes in my indoor cycle class and yoga class along with decorating the rooms with festive lights. One of the prizes was a private yoga lesson and the woman that won was delighted. She's been wanting to try yoga and this was going to be perfect for her. She could learn the basics and would then be comfortable joining classes after that. The timing was perfect for her.

When I first met my husband one of the things we started doing together was golf. I loved it though we didn't play very often and I wasn't very good. I did eventually get out of the double digits on my score on each hole, but it took a long time because I only played a few times a year. I also had some "bad" lessons from leisure learning classes along that way - that created bad habits that had to be corrected. But lessons once in a while and irregular playing and practice didn't really give me the results I wanted to see. I started playing more often as I made more golf playing girlfriends, but still not enough to make a significant positive change in my game. I finally decided the timing was right and committed to weekly lessons for several months with my golf pro. I was so excited, believing this was the key to finally making a difference and my golf pro was too - knowing this commitment was what I needed to make progress. I am thoroughly enjoying my lessons, look forward to them, and practicing in between. I know I may get worse before I get better but the timing is right and the process is right to really make it work this time.

It happens with New Year's resolutions. We merely make a list of things we wish were different but don't take any real action to make the changes. The timing isn't right for us. 

How do we know the time is right? We reach the point where you don't want things to be the way they are anymore and we are willing to do the things that need to be done to make things change for the better. And you just know - the time is right for you - I just know.