Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Dentist Can Tell

I love to go to the dentist. That is not something you usually hear people say.  But I really do. I love the feeling of clean teeth after my appointment and don't really want to eat anything for a while to savor the fresh clean feeling.  But I eventually get hungry and give in.  My dentist's office is like a spa: with low lights, water fountains trickling, beautiful carefully lighted artwork and spacious treatment rooms.  It actually is a spa.  Her husband is a massage therapist and treatments are available to relieve stress from coming to the dentist or life in general.

The hygienist notices everything and made a comment recently that the left side of my mouth looked like I was doing a better job of brushing it.  I told her that made sense since I was right handed.  So, now I try to brush with my left hand half the time to even things out. It feels awkward but I know it is all for the best.  We will see if it is working next time I have my check-up.

In yoga I jokingly tell the class they need to even out their bodies or when they get older they will walk funny and I demonstrate. I also tell them if they leave class early and don't do the same poses on the other leg they will walk funny for the rest of the night. It always solicits a laugh and they stay.

This can be carried over into many areas of our lives. We tend to do the same things and stay with the same routines and get caught in ruts not realizing how "uneven" we are making our lives.  Try to do things a little differently - not only to stay balanced and even but to stay interested and excited about your day and your life.

Your yoga instructor can tell too. 

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