Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fun Size

Catalogs arrive at the house weekly - even more near the holidays. I like to look through the ones with entertaining t-shirts and games and puzzles. My most recent favorite was a t-shirt that read "I'm Not Short - I'm Fun Size". I have several friends that are shorter than me and considered whether they would find this entertaining or insulting if they received it as a gift. Actually, I think I am shrinking down to fun-size myself. We keep track of our sons' growth on the wall next to the kitchen pantry. The last time we were all together we lined up for measuring. I have to get on a stool to measure the boys as they are several inches over six foot now. Because of that, they don't have to get on a stool for me, even though I am a tall woman. On my turn, I was shocked to find I had lost a half an inch. I was sure that with yoga I would stay the same size forever. It was disheartening as this is one of those "you are getting old" signs.

I find I have been more focused on getting my yoga students to lengthen their spine and stand up taller in all of their poses since my shrinking revelation. "Try to touch your head to the ceiling" I say as they practice their tree pose. I guess I am hoping somehow to regain that lost half of an inch or keep them from being the bottom mark on the measuring wall at their house.

Maybe my husband just tilted the ruler when he measured me so I would think I was getting shorter - how funny would that be? Or maybe I should just accept my new Fun Size!

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