Friday, October 12, 2012

There's Something About You

I went for a run (that turned into a walk) in the park with my son the other day.  I tried to keep up with him but his legs are twice as long.  I take two steps for every one of his and it didn't take long for me to decide to walk at my own pace and enjoy the scenery instead of continuing my futile efforts. I didn't mind when he lapped me, choosing to admire his prowess instead of trying to beat it.  As I walked around the park, I smiled at all of the people enjoying the outdoors - playing games with their kids, swinging on a park swing with their sweetheart, climbing on the playground equipment, hitting balls on the tennis court and in the ball field, and running or walking around the track encircling the park.  A young couple at a picnic table caught my attention. They had a little baby with them and the father was holding the baby up in the air, sitting him on the picnic table, cradling him in his arms. Both parents couldn't keep their eyes off of the little one.  You couldn't help but smile - watching them watching him.  I noticed the same thing while visiting family in Minnesota as I had many opportunities over that weekend to enjoy my new great nephew.  I especially enjoyed watching the parents holding the baby, staring down at him and just smiling. An easy calmness and peacefulness swept over all of us just being in their presence. 

I find that whatever struggles or tenseness I come to my yoga classes with dissolves as I enjoy and observe my students in their practice. I always thank them for sharing their time, effort and positive energy. We all leave feeling better than when we arrived - just by being around each other.

I encourage you to stop and "up your awareness" of the positive energy around you.  Absorb and enjoy.

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