Monday, September 24, 2012

I Don't Want To Go! - Yes You Do!

There is a conversation that goes on in our head between the time the alarm goes off and the time we press the snooze button.  It is a very short moment but, a lot is said in that span of time.  There is a fight going on between the part of you that needs to get up and go off to wherever you need to go to and the part of you that luxuriates in sleep and wants to enjoy a few more dreams.  I experienced that internal conflict the other morning.  

I have started training in a form of yoga called Ashtanga (commonly known as power yoga).  It is a very disciplined form of yoga with a half dozen lengthy series of postures to aspire to.  I am currently struggling with the very first series.  After staying up late engrossed in a work project, I did not want to get up early to head across town for my yoga practice. Every muscle in my body was tired and sore - and I don't normally get sore - so my body was in some form of shock and denial :).  I pressed the snooze button, I got up and stopped for a short nap on the plush carpeted floor, I crawled back in bed after setting the alarm for seven more minutes - as if that was going to help any - and the madness continued for a half hour.  Finally, when the do or die moment arrived - that if I didn't get dressed and jump in the car within the next three minutes I would be too late - some mysterious force took over my body and I was called to action.  I did make it to the class on time, I did remember the whole series, I did huff and puff and struggle with the poses and lose a tremendous amount of water through my pores and - I did feel a great sense of accomplishment and a knowing that I had made the right decision to go, as hard as it was to convince my tired body. 

I remember when the kids were young, we planned a trip a few hours west to an incredibly fun water park call Schlitterbahn in the town of New Braunfels.  There is also the river to float lazily down in your inner tube with your beer cooler (or other appropriate refreshments) alongside your partying group.  The kids did not want to go.  It was too far away. But we took them anyway (letting them bring a friend to ease the pain of the long drive).  It didn't take them long to figure out that this was one of the coolest places  on earth and they didn't want to go home - ever!  

I don't want to go!
YES you do!!  
Try it - you just might surprise yourself and like it.

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