Monday, February 11, 2013

Keeping Up with the Googles

A commentary article in the newpaper titled "Microsoft tries privacy ploy against Google" detailed the slug fest between Microsoft and Google.  Microsoft tries again and again to sling mud at Google's business practices instead of working on their own business, products and practices to make them the favored customer choice.  Microsoft was claiming themselves to be a privacy champion, when under closer inspection they are not.  Not that Google is without reproach on several issues.  The article concludes with the comment that Microsoft should focus on it's own efforts - not others.

In yoga we sometimes get distracted by the poses of others around us. Someone else is touching the floor with their hands and we can only get to our knees.  People are balancing on one foot with their eyes closed and we are falling over and can't stand on one foot without using the wall.  We are trying to get one leg to cross over our other leg and our neighbor is putting both feet behind their head.  We look at them and wish we could do those things or feel bad because we cannot.  Instead, look within and pay attention to how your body feels and what would help you move deeper into the pose.  What would help you progress more?  What does your body need?  What can you do to feel more successful in that position?  Forget about the people around you and what they are able or not able to do and focus on you.  Your practice will blossom. 

Here's to not trying to keep up with the Googles. 

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